I am a proud member of that unique and special community of people who deliberately and repeatedly stick their fingers in hot glue in the name of improving a doll’s posability.

who needs skin, amirite???


This is how you kiss a BUB.


This is how you kiss a BUB.


tbh a lot of jokes on tumblr that start out funny get rly annoying after a while but none pizza with left beef hasn’t gotten any less funny in like two years and I’m not sure why

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trimmed those jellybangs :D

and in case anyone is wondering why i don’t reposition jelly’s eyes the way i do all of my other dolls constantly, that little nightmare above is why.  :/  she needs a bar in there like whoa, and that might take a little while.  not really sure how i’m gonna get her head off and then back on again without completely restringing her either, but we’ll catch that frog when we find it i guess

Do you have any tools? Like a vice and a saw, or some really strong wire cutters. You can cut the point off a wire nail to use as a bar in the head. If the nail has a flat head, you’ll need to cut that off too. Wear safety glasses, those things can really fly. 

If the S-hook fits through the head, it should be okay to take off and switch out to the bar. In tiny heads that don’t have a ton of room inside, I use a ribbon to pull the hook up, I shove a chop stick into the loops of the elastic, and then I thread the ribbon through the loops of the elastic and tie it off. You can use the loop of ribbon to then hold the elastic taut (at this point I usually have the neck of the doll between my toes), slip the hook out, slip the bar in, and then slowly lower the elastic and bar into place.

Good luck!

thanks for the advice!

i’m actually gonna just go hunting for a tiny bar, since i don’t have the necessary materials to make one.  but my problem isn’t that i can’t take dolls’ heads off (i have a handy hemostat, double-pointed knitted needles, and some pipe cleaners, lol), but that jelly is so damn tight that it’s even hard for me to change her flat feet to her heels.  i’m not sure if it’s because she actually needs to be loosened, or if she’s tightened up because she used to have a mnf neck piece in there (she’s on the mnf a-line body).

so i’m gonna just wait until i have a bar to shove in there, and hope that she doesn’t bite my fingers too hard.  xD

thanks again!

For moving eyes, you could try one of those dental tools with the hook on it. O:



I never know if I should include my Obitsu in my ‘proper’ (aka BJD) dolls. I mean he’s the only non-resin one, but then he has a proper character and everything (as opposed to my MH dolls). 

If I include him though I have 13 dolls. 


They are multiplying. Soon they will take over.  It is all working out according to plan.

It’s alarming how dolls just seem to move in.

I thought I would give an update on my mod project. I did a few touch ups on the lobes with milliput and did the final sand and carving. I gave him the first coat of MSC tonight. (hard to see but i did also drill holes to set in conch piercings.) I’ll be making him plugs or even buying cheap ones off of BAF and modding them to fit. I’m really liking this head and I may end up getting him a body… Probably a ResinSoul hooved one.


the existence of these movies make the world better - holes (2003)

You take a bad boy, make him dig holes all day in the hot sun, it turns him into a good boy. That’s our philosophy here at Camp Greenlake.

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garden nailz :)

if i ever get married, i want these to be my wedding nails!! so lovely! actually can these just be my nails 24/7?


Forever wish I lived a life that allowed for dimensional nail art.

What if you cured them under acrylic or the uv gel coating? That is a serious inquiry, I’m not actually sure how either of those materials works.

Also. Would you do this to my nails if I brought some tiny flowers? :3

You know, I will test something like this under the gel polish I have and see. It’d make me more comfortable doing this for you (‘cause it’d last). So I shall test and let you know! Because it I can get it to work, I shall do it for you!

For myself, I don’t want to have to check nail art after every pull at work (and the times I’ve indulged in sparkles, I do that), because I’d be mortified if somebody got glitter or a rhinestone or something in their order.

WOOO! That would really rock, thank you for your willingness to experiment. Also, I think ingridbethune has a story like this… :p